Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A New Trader Speaks - Straight Talk Trading Review

"Hi, I would like to say a BIG thank you to Kaye for teaching me and coaching me on Forex Trading. Through-out the 3 month coaching period, I have transformed from someone who had no idea about Forex to somebody who can trade with confidence now. I should say that I am very lucky because I met a Forex Master, who passes his knowledge generously to every one of his students. He will answer his students' questions patiently and he always leads them to look at things in broader perspective. This is very important because it helps the students to understand the subject much more thoroughly.

Besides Forex trading knowledge, Kaye has also shared his experience on how to manage stress when trading, how to build a stronger mind during trading etc. In addition, each student's strengths and weaknesses  are pointed out so that they can improve from there. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity for personal mentoring if you want to make advancements in the Forex arena. Again, I would like to express my greatest gratitude for all the valuable teaching and endless sharing all this while."

Best regards,
YP (Crystal)

If You Are Struggling in Trading - Straight Talk Trading Review

I was in a rut, trading-wise, repeatedly giving back my profits and repeating the same mistakes over and over again like it was Groundhog Day, when a trading friend of mine recommended I contact Kaye Lee.

I was dubious at first because I’ve spoken to many teachers, gurus and mentors over the years, but most of the time they make such exaggerated claims of their ability it’s like dealing with snake oil salesmen. Nevertheless I sent him a message telling him what my problems were and asking if he could help.

I’ve now been on Kaye’s mentoring program for four months and in that time what he’s taught me has completely blown away all my previous misconceptions of trading. What I thought I knew then and what he’s taught me in a few sessions is incredible. The guesswork and hoping has gone, replaced with Kaye’s strategies which get you in at the precise moment the market turns and then manages the trade so that you bank profits frequently and get out of losing positions long before hitting your stop.

If you’re open minded enough to let go of your previous “knowledge” of how the markets work you’re willing to apply yourself to learning techniques that will initially baffle you, then I strongly recommend you get in touch with Kaye at Straight Talk Trading.

Adam E – Oxfordshire, UK. September 2012.